Exhibition guide
CAF Spring-2024

Exhibition guide
CAF Autumn-2023

Central Asia Fashion - is a platform where all conditions are created for finding a reliable partner in the face of a clothing manufacturer, making orders for the supply of collections, searching for a distributor, as well as for professional development. Every season the event is visited by fashion industry specialists from the whole Central Asian region and CIS countries. At the stands of numerous exhibitors’ pre-order and purchase collections, on the catwalk are held buyers and designers fashion shows, the business zone is represented by a specialized business conference, which includes panel discussions, analytical sessions, thematic seminars.

Post Show Report

POST Show Report CAF Spring-2024

POST Show Report CAF Autumn-2023

Media Report CAF

Media Report CAF Autumn-2023

Media Report CAF Spring-2023

Data on previous seasons of the exhibition are in the archive. If necessary, request from the organizers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.