Оформление пропуска «участник выставки»
How can I get a “participant pass” upon arrival to the exhibition?
It is necessary to contact the exhibition organizer’s office.
How many “participant passes” are included in the participation fee?
According to the participation agreement, a participant pass or a badge is issued free of charge, at the rate of 3 badges for every 12 sq. meters.
If a participant pass is lost, can I get a new one?
Yes, please contact the exhibition organizer's office. A new participant pass is issued to replace the lost one without indicating the initials and company name.
Оформление пропуска на монаж/демонтаж оборудования
How and where can I access WiFi?
It is necessary to contact the exhibition organizer’s office.
How and where can I rent audio and video presentation equipment?
The exhibition organizers provide all the necessary additional equipment upon conclusion of the agreement and according to the established price list.
How can I organize negotiations?
Assistance in all possible communications at the exhibition is provided by your sales manager.
Preparation of closing documents
How and where can I obtain closing documents for the exhibition?
Closing documents can be obtained at the exhibition organizer's office on the final day of the exhibition.
How can I exchange closing documents after the exhibition?
Kaz.Post, a logistics company involved in sending documents or by courier. Address for correspondence:
Exhibition company Catexpo
Sholom Aleichema street, 5, office 1
Almaty, Bostandyk district
Republic of Kazakhstan, 050040
How can I get a diploma of participation in the exhibition?
Diploma of participation is awarded to participants at the stand on the final day of the exhibition.
How can I get the exhibition guide?
A printed version of the exhibition guide can be obtained at the organizers' office or at the registration desks during the exhibition.
The electronic version of the exhibition guide is posted on the official website of the exhibition, in the “exhibition” section.

For visitors

Registration for the exhibition
What do I need to do to attend the exhibition?
It is necessary to register online on the website in the “visitors” section or by the link sent you by the manager via e-mail or Whatsapp. A detailed VIDEO instruction with the registration procedure is available on the YouTube channel of the exhibition.
Why do I need online registration?
Online registration has the advantage of saving time when entering the exhibition.
Is it possible to register right upon arrival at the exhibition?
Yes. But you have to ensure you have plenty of time and patience, while there will be a “live queue”. For regional visitors: in case of registration on site, the “hotel accommodation” option cannot be used, because this requires an advance reservation.
Exhibition attendance rules
Who can attend the exhibition?
The CAF exhibition is organized exclusively for fashion industry professionals, as well as media representatives, therefore the entrance to the exhibition is open only to professional visitors. A professional visitor is a business owner, individual entrepreneur, official, director, manager, specialist, other representative of a specialized foreign or domestic company, enterprise, state authority, association, union attending the exhibition to achieve business and professional goals.
What supporting documents can the organizers request at the registration desk?
For the purpose of confirming the professional status, the exhibition organizer has the right to request the visitor to provide a supporting document: IE certificate, lease agreement, own business card, power of attorney or official letter from the represented organization, other document indicating the professional status of the visitor. Passport or driver's license are not documents confirming the professional status of the visitor.
Is it possible to visit the exhibition with children?
Visiting the exhibition with minor children is prohibited.
Can the students visit the exhibition?
Visiting the exhibition for students is closed. The exception is university students who are studying for a specialty related to the fashion industry, having an invitation from the organizers and accompanied by a curator.
Participation in the buyers program
How can I participate in the buyers program?
It is necessary to be the owner of a business related to the sale of clothes, shoes, accessories and be ready to provide the relevant documents (IE registration certificate, coupon or lease agreement). Due to the fact that we perform preliminary hotel reservations, applications are accepted within strictly prescribed terms. For questions about participation in the buyers program:
Tel: +77273390690, Mob.: +7 (777) 014 36 18 Tatyana Yurchenko
Who can get free hotel accommodation?
Participants of the buyers program, namely the managers of companies from various regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. The decision to provide regional buyers with preferences for hotel accommodation or reimbursement for a certain amount of transportation costs remains with the organizers of the event.
Where will the hotel be geographically located from the exhibition venue?
For participants of the buyers program, accommodation is provided in 4* hotels in Almaty:
“Kazakhstan” Hotel (Dostyk Ave., 52/2)
Holiday Inn Almaty Hotel (Dostyk Ave., corner of Abay)
“Kazzhol”(Gogol st. 127/1)
How and when is check-in at the hotel?
Check-in time at the hotel is at 14.00, and check-out at 12.00 (p.m.). In case of early check-in or late check-out, the additional payment is made by the guest, subject to availability at the hotel.
Can several people from one company use the buyers program?
No. This program provides for the participation of one person from the company - the manager or authorized person for the purchase of goods.