Expert feedback

  • Kuralai Nurkadilova

    Designer, director of high fashion house Kuralai

    Kazakhstan / Almaty

    The collaboration of two brands from different countries Bezko and Kuralai is the offspring of the Central Asia Fashion exhibition. Acquaintance and the idea to open a joint creative project happened right at the exhibition. Our result is the best confirmation of the most important business rule: if you work properly, the result will be reached definitely! Thanks to the launch of the new bridge brand Bezko & Kuralai, we were able to show the country that the Kazakh Fashion House is able to produce clothes not only in limited quantities, but also in large scale. Now, more than ever, the designers can be more accessible to a wide range of buyers and transfer a part of the culture of their country beyond its borders. The Bezko & Kuralai collaboration is the best proof…

  • Inna Apenko

    Founder of children's clothing brand Mimioriki, director of Textiline

    Kazakhstan / Almaty

    I am grateful to the exhibition organizers for the new level and high standard that they were able to set for themselves after reorganization of the exhibition. With a new format, visual design, content of the business program and the availability of educational projects, the event received an absolutely “fresh breath”. In my opinion, this is an unprecedented case for Kazakhstan, when the exhibition was able to very clearly state its positioning in the B2B field.

  • Peter Goranov

    Director of Strategic Consulting and Valuation Department of Scot Holland LLP

    Kazakhstan / Almaty

    This is the third time that I have taken part in business conferences of the exhibition as an expert. Impressions from the event are very positive. The business audience is exclusively targeted, so the dialogue takes place as equals. It's nice that rather complex and deep expert-analytical information resonates not only with retail representatives, but also with industry-specific mass media. I can't help but mention the organization of the event in general - it is at the highest level: there are a lot of things to see and discuss!

  • Nikolai Chumak

    Founder, CEO of IDNT

    Ukraine / Kyiv

    The CAF exhibition has everything that is most important for creating and developing a business: a dialogue between representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, retailers and shopping centers. There are many discussions regarding new store formats, the future development of fashion retail in Kazakhstan, there is a valuable exchange of experience among representatives of more developed markets. All information is practical and relevant for retailers.

  • Maxim Gorshkov

    Commercial Analyst of “Academy of Retail Technologies”

    Russia / Moscow

    Our company has been cooperating with the Central Asia Fashion exhibition for 8 years already. This is a long time after which we can talk not only about our impressions, but also about the growth dynamics of the project as a whole.

    Recently, the exhibition has made an incredibly great breakthrough in professional and organizational terms. Especially if we take into account the history of quarantine, pandemic and global collapse, after which many exhibitions have not recovered until now. Central Asia Fashion in a record short time - half a year, returned to the "fast track". At the same time, the exhibition not only recovered, but also became even better: a bright and tremendous opening ceremony, magnificent exhibitors, selected visitors, a whole pool of new and interesting speakers - participants in the business program.

    Many thanks to the organizers of the event, who are doing such an amazing job! Today, CAF is perhaps really the key event of the Asiaт fashion market, because, frankly speaking, we have not seen anything better yet.

  • Viktor Eliseev

    TV producer, writer, CEO of Select Communication Group

    Kazakhstan / Astana

    What can be said about how fashion retail is recovering after the pandemic? First of all, we see that e-commerce for large, global fashion brands has added 20 to 60 percent at the average. At the same time, in general, the drop in sales in fashion stores, of course, is unlikely to be compensated for in the next couple of years.

    I can make a note of three key features that we can observe over the past two years in the development of the retail market: an active transition of trade to online trading, the use of new tools such as online fittings, appearance of new marketplaces that allow expanding the range of clothing purchases without leaving home.

  • Elbegi Abdiev

    Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Association of Legal Entities "Union of Retail Networks of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

    Kazakhstan / Astana

    I am participating in the Central Asia Fashion business conference for the third time. The overall impression is only positive! A very interesting, modern and effective platform for business communication, and also a perfect environment for professional growth and development. It is especially pleasant for me that in the era of a global political and economic split, there is a place where an absolute atmosphere of friendship, mutual supportiveness and unification prevails.

    The CAF fashion exhibition business conference is undoubtedly one of the leading platforms for fashion retail operators in the entire Central Asian region today. Despite the fact that our "union of retail chains" mainly works with representatives of large businesses, I note how useful live communication with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses is. It is always a pleasure to share your expertise, but it is also important to receive feedback from SME representatives and your understanding of the market.

  • Petuza Bolano

    Fashion industry project coordinator of "European Bank for Reconstruction and Development"

    Spain / Madrid

    The exhibition organizers invited me from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to take part in a business conference. I agreed without hesitation, because I consider the development of this sector to be extremely important for the economy. Now, more than ever, Kazakhstan is a key point in the entire Central Asian region. And for me, as an expert in the textile industry and fashion business, it was very important to meet with local consumers and business representatives in order to get to know their needs, values and market specifics better.

    And for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - this is a great opportunity to tell entrepreneurs, manufacturers of clothing, accessories and other light industry goods about what grant programs the bank has. We have the opportunity to help companies attract consultants both from abroad and local experts, thereby participating in the development of the economy of the whole region.

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