CAF organizes a professionally equipped Show area for exhibitors' fashion shows. Total Show area is 1 500 sq.m. meters. Digital technologies, professional lighting, sound and shooting of the fashion show make it possible to create high-quality selling content and an effective sales tool for both wholesale buyers and end consumers. Exhibitors present their own collections and introduce fashion trends for the upcoming season to buyers, media representatives, bloggers, influencers and other market experts.

If you are intended to organize an individual show, conduct effective advertising of your products, familiarize a professional audience with the features of a new collection, we offer you to take part in the fashion shows of the Central Asia Fashion.

Only professional models from the leader of the model market in Kazakhstan, the Andres agency, participate in all fashion shows. The standard fashion show includes a 10-minute runway walk with ten professional models. During the show, a video clip or the logo of the brand presented by the collection appears on the podium screen.

At the request of the participant, the buyer and designer fashion show can be accompanied by a story about the brand, design and stylistic features of the collection, materials, assortment, etc.

Exhibitors are offered a choice of seven types of fashion shows. Along with the traditional runway walk, the possibilities of the podium allow organizing unforgettable spectacular gala shows with special effects, as well as ethnographic, historical and theatrical shows.

Types of fashion shows

Conditions of participation in the fashion show

Participation in fashion shows is the most effective and selling way to show collections to buyers. The standard fashion show includes the runway walk of 10 professional models. Conditions for the runway walk of models of non-standard sizes, men, children, expectant mothers are agreed separately.

Applications for participation in the fashion show are accepted until February 13, 2023.

For participation in fashion shows, please
contact Evelina Khaustova

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Single call center | +7 707 709 44 44

Benefits of runway walk participants

  • A visual guide for the future consumer when choosing clothes
  • Opportunity to announce your company and present your new collection
  • Emotional attraction of attention of the maximum number of exhibition guests, buyers, the media; online support through all channels of the exhibition allows you to maximally announce fashion shows, covering the maximum number of buyers who are in the information field of the exhibition
  • Video from the shows can be used not only on your own resources, but also posted on social media, on the YouTube channel of the exhibition, selling before, during and after the exhibition.
  • Video content, as a visual demonstration of brand products significantly increasing conversion at the participant's stand.
  • All participants of the shows receive a video recording of the presentation of their collection

Figures and facts about fashion shows

  • 8 types of shows, standard and non-standard
  • Visual support of the brand on the screen
  • Organization of shows with special effects
  • 600 kilowatts of high-quality sound and light
  • 30 fashion shows every season
  • A new seating opportunity for spectators every day
  • Total length of the transformer podium
  • 20 non-repeating podium configurations
  • Possibility to change the shape of the podium every day
  • Only professional models
  • New unique decoration design each season
  • Seating area for spectators
  • Special place for photo and video shooting
  • Equipped service area for models and staff

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