We appreciate your interest in the Central Asia Fashion international fashion exhibition. Entrance to the exhibition is free during all three days upon prior registration on the website. The Central Asia Fashion exhibition is organized exclusively for fashion industry experts, as well as representatives of the press. All persons who have accepted the organizer's invitation to attend the exhibition, as well as those who have registered as a visitor online, should familiarize themselves with the Attendance Rules. Compliance with these rules is mandatory!

Please note that attending the exhibition with minor children is PROHIBITED

Visit conditions

  • 1 Registration is MANDATORY for all visitors.
  • 2 The entrance to the exhibition is open only to specialized visitors. A specialized visitor is a business owner, individual entrepreneur, official, manager, director, specialist, other representative of a specialized foreign or domestic company, enterprise, state authority, association, union attending the exhibition to achieve business and professional goals. In order to confirm the specialized status of the visitor, the Exhibition Organizer has the right to ask him to provide a supporting document: his own business card, power of attorney or an official letter from the represented organization, another document indicating the specialized status of the visitor.
  • 3 The basis for entering the exhibition is a badge. The badge is issued at the registration desk at the entrance to the exhibition territory. The badge is valid during the entire period of the exhibition.
  • 4 The badge can be obtained upon presentation of a filled-out invitation card or registration form. An electronic badge can be obtained by passing the on-line registration procedure on the official website of the exhibition.
  • 5 Filling out the registration form when exchanging an invitation card for a badge is mandatory.
  • 6 Badges are issued to media representatives after passing the accreditation procedure.
  • 7 Students of specialized universities are allowed on the third day of the exhibition, only accompanied by a teacher, according to the list of students officially certified by the administration of the relevant university. The list should be agreed with the organizer of the exhibition.
  • 8 Transfer or sale of visitor badges to third parties is prohibited. The exhibition organizer has the right to check the correspondence of the name indicated in the badge with the name of the visitor, for which the Organizer may ask the exhibition visitor to present an identity document.
  • 9 On the territory of the exhibition, visitors are not allowed to trade, distribute any advertising and information products, hold presentations, demonstrations, campaigns and any other similar events and actions without the written consent of the organizer.
  • 10 On the territory of the exhibition, it is forbidden to appear in a condition and in a form that does not correspond to the business nature of the exhibition and generally accepted norms of behavior, as well as to conduct disorderly.
  • 11 The exhibition organizer is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings.
  • 12 Attending the exhibition with minor children is PROHIBITED.
  • 13 In case of violation of these Rules, the Organizer has the right to refuse to attend the exhibition without any compensation to the person who committed the violation.

Treat your hands with antiseptic

Observe hygiene etiquette when coughing and sneezing

Visit the first-aid point if you feel unwell