The exhibition organizer, CATEXPO company, carries out a comprehensive advertising and PR campaign of the event in various periods: BEFORE the exhibition, DURING and AFTER it. This allows attracting buyers at different stages of preparation and use the maximum opportunities for effective participation of the exhibitor.

  • Announcements about the participants are regularly sent out in e-letter format in scheduled mailings based on the database of fashion specialists.
  • Information about the exhibitors of the exhibition is regularly updated and posted on the official website of the organizer and social media.
  • A printed version of the official Exhibition Guide with a list of participants, recommendations, a business conference program and a schedule of fashion shows is provided free of charge to all visitors at the entrance to the exhibition.

Targeted personalized mailing based on own database

  • E-mail newsletters based on its own database of visitors and participants.
  • Courier delivery of VIP invitations "from hand to hand" in the cities of Kazakhstan
  • Courier delivery of PROMO gift boxes and VIP invitations "from hand to hand" to leading mass media, bloggers, influencers
  • Individual mailing of electronic invitations using messengers
  • Courier delivery "from hand to hand" of invitation cards (flyers) to fashion retailers of shopping malls in Kazakhstan.
  • Distribution of exhibition flyers in the shopping and entertainment centers in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan
  • SMS newsletter for the exhibition visitors
  • E-mail newsletters of the exhibition announcement and the results on the client database of partner organizations.

Exhibition participant PR campaign


Informational support of the participants on the organizer's website


Regular newsletters in the e-letter format for the profile audience and the media


Affiliate marketing in Kazakhstan, Central Asian countries and abroad


Posts in social media of the exhibition organizer, partners, bloggers, brand ambassadors

Offline meetings with the target audience

  • Regional offline meetings of the exhibition team business delegations in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries.
  • Own agents to attract the target audience in 10 cities of Kazakhstan.
  • Brand ambassadors of the exhibition in the major cities of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.
  • Own agents to attract the target audience in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Digital promotion of CAF participants

Banner advertising and articles on the Internet

  • Announcement of the exhibition in specialized publications, internet fashion portals, media aggregators
  • Advertising of the exhibition on more than 400 portals and websites
  • Advertising banners of the exhibition are broadcast in 25 countries of the world
  • Partner placement of the exhibition announcement and results in the Kazakh and foreign media
  • Information cooperation with 30+ specialized media resources
  •  Cooperation with media portals for posting announcements, results and post materials

Posting information on social media

  • Information Partners
  • Business conference experts
  • Profile organizations
  • Influencers, bloggers, opinion leaders
  • The exhibition brand ambassadors
  • Own SMM resources

The exhibition PR campaign

Internal advertising

  • PR articles about the exhibition in newspapers, magazines, information portals, news aggregators.
  • Video announcements, stories about the exhibition on the official websites of TV channels, video aggregators, YouTube channels.
  • Audio advertising on the radio and in the shopping malls of Kazakhstan.
  • PR articles, interviews, announcements about the exhibition on specialized media resources.
  • Placement of mobile roll-up stands, light boxes at the airports of Kazakhstan
  • Placement of the exhibition announcements and results on the information partner resources: website, social media, podcasts, messengers.
  • Placement of audio and video advertising in shopping malls and on the Internet.

Outdoor advertising

  • Placement of advertising billboards on the central streets of the cities of Kazakhstan
  • Announcement of the exhibition on LED monitors of shopping malls in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
  • Placement of advertising X-constructions in shopping centers in Almaty
  • Video announcements of the exhibition at partner events

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