Dear participants of the Central Asia Fashion exhibition!

The organizer of the exhibition, exhibition company СATEXRO, welcomes you and invites you to learn the information that will be necessary when working at the exhibition. Compliance with the rules of the “Participant's guide” is mandatory!


    The pavilion will be open from 09:00 to 18:00 for exhibitors and from 10:00-18:00 for visitors. Entrance to the pavilion for exhibitors is allowed only with badges. At 10:00 there will already be visitors in the pavilion. Please make sure your stand is ready for their reception!


    Foreign citizens staying on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for more than 3 days should obtain temporary registration at the migration police of Almaty.


    The food-court is located in pavilion 11 of the exhibition center. You can also use the service of ordering food to the stand. On this issue, you can contact the administration of the cafe.


    Copy services, receipt of original contracts, travel and accounting documentation, permits for import/export of cargo are possible at the office of the organizers in the pavilion No. 11.

  • 5 WiFi

    You can use free Wi-Fi Internet access service. You can get the access password at the organizers' office, as well as rent a Wi-Fi router.


    Distribution of promotional products or other types of promotional activities should be carried out by the exhibitor exclusively within its stand, in such a way that it does not interfere with the flow of visitors in the pass ways and does not endanger or violate the rights of other exhibitors and visitors. A noise level of more than 75 dB is not allowed, and the use of technical means and special effects is also not allowed.

    In case of violation of this provision, the organizers reserve the right to apply sanctions to the exhibitor up to the closing of the exhibition stand without paying any compensation and returning the funds paid by the exhibitor to the organizer for participation in the exhibition. The exhibition management reserves the right to demand that such elements and structures of the stand be removed.


    The exhibition organizer shall ensure the constant protection of public order during the exhibition, without providing protection of exhibits and equipment of the exhibitors. Exhibitors should independently take care of the safety of their belongings at a time when the exhibition is open to visitors. The exhibition organizer is not responsible for the loss or damage of exhibits or other material assets belonging to the exhibitor. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage caused to the stand equipment or property of other exhibitors.

    On the days of assembling/dismantling of the exhibition, the pavilion is sealed by the security service of the exhibition center.


    The exhibition organizers provide an opportunity to order the services of an interpreter and support staff for the stand. If you order additional staff, make sure that all employees working at the stand are provided with badges on the territory of the exhibition center. The organizers do not provide services of loaders.

Treat your hands
with antiseptic

Observe hygiene etiquette when
coughing and sneezing

Visit the first-aid point
if you feel unwell