Visitor feedback

  • Aida Kaumenova

    Designer, blogger, founder & owner of Aida KaumeNOVA Fashion House

    Kazakhstan / Almaty

    I am delighted with the Central Asia Fashion exhibition! It reminded me of the popular European format, where everything is on point and in due order. This is not just walking around the territory and buying certain goods you like, but a professional platform where the organizers were able to gather all the experts in this field - companies and people who are engaged in real business. The event is so eventful that I want to extend the professional pleasure.

  • Ilmira Akhimbekova

    Buyer, owner of a men's and sportswear store

    Kazakhstan / Shymkent

    I represent a casual young men's clothing store. I come to the exhibition almost every season for more than 10 years. I really like the format of the event: the concentration of useful and professional. In addition to the fact that I can make a selection and pre-order the goods that I am interested in and need for work, I can also watch fashion shows and get useful information from expert speakers. Figures, forecasts, comments, opinions of authoritative experts - here the most up-to-date information of the country's fashion retail is brought together and open for us, buyers, to the greatest possible extent.

    It is easy to focus on your professional tasks in such comfortable and well-arranged conditions of stay. I sincerely thank the organizers of the Central Asia Fashion exhibition for such a presentation and a permanent mark of quality.

  • Vasily Titov

    Bayer, owner of Indigo

    Kazakhstan / Kokshetau

    Our company came to the exhibition within the framework of a special buyer program. We received an invitation to participate in it directly during the arrival of the exhibition delegates in our city of Kokshetau ... Our company sells shoes, but in the near future it is planned to expand the offer for buyers. For this reason, now we are especially interested in outerwear, leather goods, sheepskin coats. At the exhibition, we managed not only to see new horizons for our business, but also to conclude profitable contracts. Of course, I would like to continue the cooperation established with new partners... As a visitor, I would especially like to note the truly high level of professionalism and the quality of the event. We look forward to the next season of the exhibition!

  • Ainur Akhmetova

    Founder of the Kazakhstani concept store Pink Label, buyer

    Kazakhstan / Almaty

    The exhibition is popular and continues to pick up steam. Every year we can see new participants, business program speakers, interesting formats and solutions. This time I was able to meet new market participants, discover new brands, discuss current issues and problems from the daily life of a fashion retailer…

  • Elena Zakiryarova

    Owner of Let's Go Fashion Boutique, Buyer

    Kazakhstan / Almaty

    This is not the first time I visit the exhibition and I am happy to solve several urgent tasks for my business at once: find new suppliers, open new brands, pre-order new interesting models for my boutique. In each of my visits, I manage to find new interesting brands for myself, and this is a great opportunity for business development. I hope that in the future we will successfully cooperate with them.

  • Madinara Dyusembayeva

    Bayer, owner of the women's clothing and accessories store Flirt in fashion

    Kazakhstan / Almaty

    After speaking at the exhibition, my fellow visitors came up to me. Those who are directly involved in the fashion business: from season to season they buy, take risks, worry. We shared our practical experience with interest, exchanged contacts, and looked for solutions. For me, this turned out to be perhaps the most important thing for all the time I worked in the field of fashion. It's incredibly exciting that my experience is important and can help someone. Many thanks to the organizers, the САТЕХРО company, which was able to implement such a necessary project!

Feedback from a visitor of the CAF Autumn-2023

Feedback from a visitor of the CAF Autumn-2023

Feedback from a visitor of the CAF Autumn-2023