When promoting any services or products at the CAF exhibition, advertisers purposefully focus on the fashion industry and its representatives. Central Asia Fashion ensures wide coverage of the selected professional international and local audience: visitors-buyers from the Central Asian and foreign countries, brand company representatives from 50 countries of the world.

Becoming an advertiser, partner or sponsor at the CAF exhibition means gaining an advantage in the fashion world and in particular in the Central Asian fashion market.


  • Welcome-compliments, accompanying information in the form of inserts in packages for visitors
  • Placement of banners, company logo in the pavilion
  • Instagram Facebook, Vkontakte, YouTube, Telegram advertising posts
  • Placement of the logo, advertising module in the printed exhibition guide
  • Placement of leaflets, POS materials on promo counters in the reception area, show area, conference hall
  • Personalized mailing lists in the e-letter format
  • Gifts/souvenirs for buyers, experts, bloggers, media
  • Gifts for honored guests of the exhibition. Photos with advertisers' products
  • Placement of a portable promo zone
  • Sampling with distribution of free samples of the product in a mini-package

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Advertising benefits

  • Improves brand / company perception
  • Demonstrates the brand's connection with fashion
  • Promotes brand / product awareness
  • Raises the status of the brand in the eyes of the public and partners
  • Promotes strengthening the company's image
  • Provides brand integration in a new market