Participants Feedback

  • Juliet Greppy

    E.M.I. - Ente Moda Italia Association


    This is not the first time that Italian Association E.M.I. - Ente Moda Italia is present at the Central Asia Fashion exhibition in Kazakhstan. Every time we see that the exhibition only improves, becomes more and more interesting for the Italian companies-participants. We are confident that such professional growth will only continue, so we will be pleased to organize the participation of Italian companies in Kazakhstan more than once.

  • Fabrice Raoul



    France always takes part in exhibitions held in Kazakhstan with great pleasure. The country's promising market has been demonstrating high growth rates for several years now and is of great interest to foreign investors. Participation in the Central Asia Fashion exhibition allows us to study in more detail the demand for imported products in Kazakhstan and the entire Central Asian region, as well as establish useful contacts not only with local businessmen, but also with representatives of other foreign companies…

  • Kiran Mahmood

    International Fur Federation's (IFF) Director of Finance and Global Events

    Great Britain / London

    In my opinion, the regions that are promising for development right now are Asia, China and Russia. Russia is clearly the largest consumer of fur products in the Eurasian region. We are constantly striving to co-operate with key players in the fur industry to promote best practices, ethical standards and sustainable growth. Kazakhstan's active role in the fur market is in line with our vision and we look forward to strengthening our partnership with the country's fur industry stakeholders. The International Fur Federation is honored to contribute to the success of Elite Line and to share our expertise with the community. Through our participation, we aim to promote responsible practices, sustainability, and the inherent beauty of fur and leather.

  • Jan Belyaev

    General Director of the National Footwear Union (NFU) of Russia and Founder of the Euro Shoes premiere collection international footwear exhibition

    Russia / Moscow

    We see that the world is changing incredibly fast. And of course, we try to respond to these changes quickly. Therefore, we see further development of the industry as a whole only in unification. It is gratifying that we are coming to the exhibition in Kazakhstan for the second season already. In our opinion, this is the most rapidly developing, progressive, professional and long-standing exhibition among all regional expo-projects in the world.

  • Mustafa Pashahan

    Istanbul Ready-to-Wear Exporters' Association "IHKIB" Vice President

    Turkey / Istanbul

    We attach great importance to Central Asia Fashion, which is the most important exhibition in the Central Asian region. Trade with Kazakhstan occupies an important place in our exports. Last year we exported goods worth $250 million to Kazakhstan. In the first half of this year, we increased our exports by 80 per cent compared to last year. In six months, we have reached a volume of $193 million. Of these, about 25 per cent of finished garment imports to Kazakhstan are from Turkey. We hope that we will be able to increase this figure in the coming years.

  • Farhod Nurmuhammedov

    Deputy Chairman of Uzcharmsanoat Association

    Uzbekistan / Tashkent

    In 2018, a presidential decree was issued to support the industry, and since then, manufacturers have been granted many benefits, including those created by the government. - There used to be no concept of 'Made in Uzbekistan' shoes. In five years, people's mentality has changed so that we wear our own. It takes time to create a brand, and we have come to this point. We know how to make quality shoes, and the majority of the population prefers them. The prices of our shoes are much lower than other manufacturers, we are already competing with the Chinese, in addition to price with quality. Now, thanks to the partnership with Central Asia Fashion and Elite Line, the best "Made in Uzbekistan" offers are also available for Kazakhstan buyers. Uzbekistan exported over $460 million worth of goods last year. Last year Uzbekistan exported goods for the amount of more than 460 million dollars. Kazakhstan tops the list: last year, 16.5% of exports went to Kazakhstan, after China and Russia. We know that Kazakhstan is also very privileged for investors. In this regard, we already have a number of agreements and intentions from several of our enterprises to open production facilities in Kazakhstan, particularly in Turkestan region. In the future we plan to set up production in other regions of Kazakhstan.

  • Sergey Stolbov

    President of the Russian Fur Union (RFU)

    Russia / Moscow

    We are excited and positive about the partnership with the exhibition in Kazakhstan. Over the last 3-4 years, turnover in the fur industry has fallen by 30 per cent. In Russia, the fur trade has adjusted to imports. In Russia, the fur trade has adjusted to imports. 65 per cent of the sales turnover of natural fur products has always been on the side of China. Now Turkey has joined the production. Some players are leaving, and the time for others is coming - we need to occupy niches, roll out our own factories, not only in textiles and leather, but also actively engage in natural furs in Kazakhstan. Natural fur existed today, will exist tomorrow and in another ninety years. This is a long-term investment: in Soviet times, people pulled out of their coffers the items worn by their grandmothers and parents. Now there is a certain tendency towards restoration and repair, which even the demands of environmentalists and animal rights activists are being met.

  • Alberto Scaccioni

    Director General of the EMI Association - Ente Moda Italia


    We are returning quite pleased with the results of the exhibition. Buyers and operators in the field of fashion distribution confidently took part in the salon, highly appreciating the new collections. Italian products and style are rated highly in Kazakhstan. In this market, they are synonymous of absolute quality, so the market penetration opportunities for our small and medium-sized companies are very high.

  • Renata Shymkorate

    Consul General of Germany in Kazakhstan


    Germany is represented at the Central Asia Fashion exhibition as part of a common stand-pavilion. Despite the fact that from time to time completely different German companies take part in the exhibition, the interest of buyers does not weaken. First of all, this bears evidence of readiness of the market and the possibility of developing cooperation. In order to “wake up” and activate all interested parties to the fullest extent, it is necessary to improve the distribution system and trade networks that are engaged in introducing foreign goods to the Kazakhstani market. I am sure that it will be interesting not only for Almaty, but also for other regions of Kazakhstan. Readiness for business cooperation and activity in the spring salon of the exhibition have already been demonstrated by such cities as: Shymkent, Taraz, Karaganda, Astana.

  • Sergei Bezkorovainy

    CEO of Bezko

    Russia Moscow

    Before participating in the Central Asia Fashion exhibition, we knew nothing about the Kazakh designer Kuralai Nurkadilova, because we were not particularly interested in Kazakhstan. Now we understand how lucky we are that we were able to implement the new idea of creating a joint Russian-Kazakh design brand here, in Kazakhstan, and with such high-level professional as Kuralai. Thanks to the exhibition for the landmark meeting!

  • Hikmet Unal

    Representative of Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association


    Historically, textile products of Turkish manufacturers are very much loved and appreciated in Kazakhstan. Almost every family has men's, women's or children's clothing with the “Made in Turkey” label. That is why our association brought 10 best large Turkish clothing manufacturers to the exhibition at once. Every season we strengthen and expand our interaction, finding new partners for business development…

  • Garo Suzmeyan



    We believe the Central Asia Fashion to be a successful and productive platform. We meet with a significant portion of our clients from Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan on this site. Twice a year, our customers come to visit the company's stand, resolve work issues, place an order or pre-order a collection. Special mission in working with our customers is provided by fashion shows and defile, that from year to year are constantly improving and generate interest among the visitors…

  • Antonio Gavazzeni

    The President of EMI - Ente Moda Italia


    Autumn Salon Central Asia Fashion has confirmed its position as the most important platform for the fashion industry in Central Asia. Our concern, related to the existing tensions between Russia, European countries and the international political scenario, in fact, was refuted by the results achieved. Italian companies did a great job within three days of the exhibition in Kazakhstan: attendance figures confirmed the latest releases

  • Petra Bleibohm

    International exhibition company Messe Duesseldorf GmbH


    It is the third time that we are arranging a German pavilion as part of the Made in Germany state program initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany. Each time all our participants are satisfied with the results of the exhibition, therefore, without any doubts, we are ready to participate in this project again and again…

    In Kazakhstan, we see great potential for growth and market development. The best confirmation of this is the high level of organization of the event and the constant growth of the level of professionalism.

  • Ekaterina Ermolenko

    POMPA Representative


    Our company has extensive experience of participating in various world fashion exhibitions, but in Kazakhstan we are participating in it for the first time. The main summary: we are very pleased with the fact that exactly the target wholesalers and buyers who work with one or several stores come to the exhibition. During the exhibition, we had a sufficient number of contacts and real pre-orders. We did not expect such a result!

Review of the participant CAF Autumn-2023

Review of the participant CAF Autumn-2023

Review of the participant CAF Autumn-2023