The Central Asia Fashion plays an important role in the professional development of Central Asian fashion industry specialists at various stages.

  • An extensive professional development program – mini MBI, “Seller School” and “Buyer School” educational projects are held for current fashion industry specialists within the framework of the exhibition.
  • For students of specialized colleges, universities, there is an opportunity for internship and employment.
  • For high school graduates and future applicants, there is a career guidance volunteering program.

The CAF exhibition is a serious step in the formation of future professionals in the country's industry and directly participates in the formation of highly qualified workforce.

Educational projects


Express course for sales assistants and all specialists working in the salesroom. The goal is to help sales assistants to become real masters in the salesroom. Create a comfortable environment for customers, become their assistants in choosing and experts in the goods sold.


An express course helps learn how to buy a profitable assortment and not freeze funds in illiquid goods. Course participants will learn: how to select collections and conduct buying sessions, analyze and manage the assortment, predict demand, increase sales using special tools.


Thematic mini MBA educational seminars study in depth the issues of management, marketing and market analysis, economics and finance earnestly. The program is aimed at developing students' strategic thinking, the ability to make and implement management decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

All CAF educational programs are implemented by certified international experts – practitioners invited to the exhibition. Topics of seminars, master classes, trainings are different every season. At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate.

Stylist for an hour

“Stylist for an hour”, a unique format of accompanying a professional purchase, is organized only for professional visitors of the CAF exhibition.

Professional stylist practitioners advise fashion store owners who want to run their business in a new way.

The service includes practical advice from professional buyers-stylists on the formation of commercially successful capsules and collections, saleable hanging, selection of accessories.

Consultant stylists help
  • Calculate the product content of the store
  • Analyze the portrait of the buyer
  • Form a procurement budget
  • Gather successful collections
  • Give advice on purchasing
  • Think over the goods substocking

Cooperation with universities

Outside of the event, the exhibition cooperates with the country's universities, entrepreneurship development centers, specialized business communities and clubs.

Within the framework of the educational program, the exhibition experts give guest lectures at universities: UIB, KIMEP, ALMAU, the Kazakh Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering, the Kazakh American University, the Symbat Fashion House and others. In addition, they supervise and cooperate with “business career centers” at universities for students to undergo work experience internship, and provide assistance in further employment.

Development of future fashion specialists

Graduates of schools, gymnasiums and future applicants can see prominent representatives of their future profession. Thanks to the developed volunteer profile and participation in the “early career guidance of schoolchildren” program, they can not only get to know the multifaceted work of the industry, which they have chosen for their future career and destiny, but also replenish their portfolio with certificates of completion of a special volunteer program.

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Volunteer program of CAF Spring-2022 fashion exhibition

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