An extensive advertising campaign of the exhibition PRIOR to the event ensures the attention of the professional audience to the brand / products of the participants. At the same time, the wide use of additional marketing tools allows the participant to enhance or supplement the effect of attracting the attention of buyers-visitors.

We are interested in your participation in the exhibition being as effective as possible and are ready to additionally offer a set of services developed by us to promote your company.

Exhibitor Promotion Opportunities

  • Placement of a color advertising module in the Exhibition Guide.
  • Additional online mailing of advertising and information materials using the address base of the exhibition.
  • Inserting of advertising and informational materials in packages of buyers-visitors.
  • Placement of advertising and information materials for business conference visitors: in the business hall, show area
  • Inserting / placement of the company's advertising module in the working notebooks of the business conference.
  • Broadcast of the brand's video during the days of the exhibition on the screen, in the show area
  • Distribution by promoters of advertising and information materials of the brand among the visitors of the exhibition.
  • Placing a banner inside the conference business hall.
  • Renting a business hall for a brand presentation / the participant’s thematic seminar for 1 hour
  • Placing flyers, printed materials on tables in the B2B negotiation area.
  • Hanging a banner/flag with the company logo inside the pavilion.
  • Personal advertising post / brand announcement in the social media of the exhibition: Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Vkontakte.

Opportunities of designing the participant's stand

  • Placement of the brand logo on an additional fascia board inside the stand
  • Printing of the brand's advertising module on Oracal film, mounting and dismounting included
  • Color toning of stand panels with Oracal film
  • Decoration of wall panels inside the stand (large-format printing on the banner)
  • Production of a full-color banner with eyelets

Demonstration of clothing collections by participants allows presenting products to potential buyers and get real feedback on the new collection. Participation in fashion shows brings a practical benefit to both exhibitors and buyers. Manufacturers can present the benefits of their products and convince buyers to order directly at the show. Buyers will find new collections for their stores that will be in demand among their buyers.